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We’re Different. Youth Hockey Done Right.

Skill development. No travel. Limited games. Triple the ice. Excellent coaches. Lots of fun.



Let’s Compare…

Our model is unique and may seem strange when examined against the typical travel hockey experience. However, when you compare our offering to others…there is no comparison. This model has been successfully executed in hockey hot beds like Toronto, Ontario. Several former NHL players have placed their children directly into a similar model.



There is an old saying that sport doesn’t build character, it reveals it. That statement is a load of bunk. Sport can be used to build up young men and women of character. Hockey is simply our platform to build great people.. It is literally what we do.


What Does the Year Look Like?

Life for parents of young athletes can be hectic. Our approach can help reduce the non-stop running.

Defined practice times through the year. Less travel. Time and space for fall sports.


We Get It.

Making a decisions to put your child in this kind of an environment is not an easy decision. However, understand that the people who are leading this initiative know what they are doing and more importantly, know why they are doing it.


Get Registered.

We have a small number of dual roster positions available for 2019/20. Apply for 2020/21.

Space is limited.