Grit Courage &  We Before Me

Grit Courage &
We Before Me

Dual Roster Option

Test drive Conn. GC for 2019/20 and have right of first refusal for any openings in 2020. Squirts Only.

Connecticut GC is an independent program within USA Hockey and the Connecticut Hockey Conference. Due to the fact we don’t compete in the Connecticut State tournament, we have the ability to dual roster players. This means your son or daughter can remain rostered with their current program and roster with Connecticut GC without harming his or her status with USA Hockey or CHC.

Our program is unique. If you are looking for a different approach to development than you may wish to consider our dual roster option to test drive Conn. GC.

To take advantage of this opportunity you must:

  • Agree to meet a minimum participation level on a monthly basis (typically 4 practices a month) and 1 tournament

  • Pay all applicable fees

  • Meet behavioral expectations

For more information on this opportunity, contact us or complete the application.

You can also sign up for our waitlist.