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We Are Going to Change Youth Hockey


No More Time On The Youth Sports Side Lines

Many of us at Game Change and many colleagues working in professional and elite athlete development express amazement and frustration at the state of youth sport in North America.

It is morass of short-termism and a focus on the wrong outcomes.

It has to change. I can’t speak to all youth sports, but I know hockey and youth hockey has suffered from a misalignment of objectives and parents focused on wins, scholarships and pro contracts.

As as result, Game Change is proud to announce Game Change Sports. Game Change Sports has launched the youth hockey initiative, Connecticut GC. It is our hope that our focus on practice and skill development and personal and inter-personal development can be used as a baseline to change not only youth hockey but perhaps other sports as well.

It won’t be easy. Since its launch, Connecticut GC has been besieged with cease and desist letters from USA Hockey’s representative in Connecticut (the CHC) and concerted attempts by local sports organizations to quash this initiative.

If these are the obstacles faced to bring change to youth sport, no wonder no one does anything. However, with the support of several forward thinking individuals and entities, we are bucking that trend.

To learn or figure out how you can support this initiative visit or contact us.