Our Approach in Game


You may hear we don’t believe in playing games. This isn’t true. We believe in playing games that matter.

Our approach to game play is as follows:

  • Our objective is to play 20 to 30 a year including tournaments

You can also expect the following:

  • We don’t travel to play games (unless it is a tournament)

  • We play to improve our skills - we don’t play to win games or improve our ranking

    • This means players will be tasked with improving specific things related to their individual game while playing. Everything else is just white noise.

Moreover, our coaching style during games is very clear:

  • We coach at the bench

  • We do not coach from the bench

  • We have high expectations for effort and focus during game play (as it relates to what the players have been tasked on working on)

  • Only the head coach will talk to the referee

Make no mistake, learning how to win and how to lose matters. However, the score doesn’t. In other words we focus on building our players to compete to win year over year. Each game is an opportunity to execute the skills learned in practice.