'47 Brand Supports Conn. GC Hockey

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‘47 Brand Helps Make Conn. GC Even Cooler

As we’ve mentioned before, we have hands down the best jersey’s in the ‘league’ (we aren’t in one, but let me tell you it isn’t even close). We rock the Barber Pole Jersey, like no one else in the business (except perhaps for our friend up in Ottawa).

So, when we went looking for additional items to help our players look as good off the ice as they do on it, we were fortunate enough to come across our friends at ‘47 Brand.

As you may or may not know they make phenomenal hats, t’s and other items for all the major colleges and pro sports teams.

When they learned about what Conn. GC was trying to do to change the approach to the game of hockey, they wanted to help.

So thanks to ‘47 Brand, Conn. GC kids get to wear awesome ball caps and toques (snow hats). We’re unbelievably appreciative and its great to know a huge brand like ‘47 cares about youth hockey.

When you have a choice on a ball cap, you know who to throw your dollars to.

Our sweet toques.

Our sweet toques.

Duncan Fletcher