A Weird Drill That We Do Every time On the Ice

Where Does Agility & Quickness Really Come From?

Where does agility really come from for hockey players?

Many people think it is a function of your leg strength and the amount of fast twitch muscle you have. And that answer is not wrong. If you are weak and have a sloth like reactions, well long run, hockey gets tough.

However, a key aspect to creating faster, quicker skaters and hockey players who are more agile with better balance is derived from the middle of your blades - not the toe.

It’s a bit counter intuitive, but in reality to get really fast and quick and to be able to change directions in a heartbeat you need to be able to find and control the middle part of your skate blade.

They key to that is figuring out where that part of your skate is and getting comfortable being on it. So what do we practice β€” spins.

That is right. Not only does it help kids get used to finding the middle of their blades it helps make them comfortable falling down in order to be more at ease pushing their balance and edge work to their personal limits.

It is also kind of fun!

Check it out.

Working hard to find the middle of the blade.
Duncan Fletcher