Baseline Time


Baseline Testing

September is time to baseline our players to measure change over the entire year.

Baseline Testing is Underway

We have begun conducting baseline assessments of our Conn. GC athletes. Our objective is to get a feel for where they are now and ideally at the end of the year determine how much they have developed.

Baseline testing is not the be all end all in anyway shape or form. However, it can provide a data point that can help determine if athletes are picking up skills over time and if a player is making improvements. We can also seek to identify where gaps may exist. This process can also strip away pre-conceived notions about what a player is now versus what he was a few years ago. Sometimes the baggage of what a player was at 9 sticks with him or her at 11.

This just happened with our group. Our team was reviewing our player’s initial assessment scores and in virtually the top 3 of each assessment from a speed perspective was a player who was never what you’d call a speed merchant. His times were better than or equal to players who were identified as the fast guys. Our initial thought was our timing had to be off or we had an over enthusiastic stop watch manager. Nope. It held up every where. Just eyeballing it on the ice you wouldn’t really see it. However, on the clock it was undeniable.

Previously held belief smashed.

Think about what this does as it relates to coaching the player, the kids confidence and how the expectations for that athlete can be raised.

We are taking a very different approach to how we develop our players. As a result we are looking at a host of different data points including; goals, behavioral, personal narrative, resilience, gratitude, academic and of course the physical.

Of course we aim to make it fun and enjoyable and have it be a no-stress experience.

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Duncan Fletcher