Youth hockey can be done better. The Ferroni model can help. That is why I put my son into his program and actively advocate for programs like the Connecticut GC. It is simple math. How long is your child on the ice? How many shots do they take? How long is the puck on their stick? The beauty about this model is that the kids see themselves getting better each day and each week and that’s what motivates them.
— Mathieu Schneider, Toronto, 1298 NHL Games played, US Olympic Team
I wish we had made the decision sooner to put our son into this kind of a development model. This approach works.”
— Rob Zamuner, Toronto, 798 NHL Games played, Canadian Olympic Team

Simply put, my daughter had the best hockey experience because Duncan is a very good coach.
— Jody, West hartford, parent

I’ve known Duncan for 20 years. He knows and understands the game of hockey. More importantly, he is a great person who I’d trust to work with my own kids.
— Ben syer, Associate head coach, Cornell university

I’ve personally seen how bad youth hockey can be for young kids. There has to be a better way. The approach Rick takes in concert with Duncan’s athlete development expertise makes it a no brainer.
— John Hierlihy, Game Change, NHL/NHLPA Core Program

The skill level I have seen from kids that have been exposed to Rick’s model is unbelievable. There were 10-year-olds doing things I couldn’t do.
— BJ Crombeen, Toronto, 445 NHL Games Played

I’ve known Duncan for nearly 15 years. He knows and understands athlete development at the highest reaches of elite sports. I am proud to work with him at PAADS and glad he is our Executive Director.
— Kathleen Stroia, Sr.vp Wta

Would you rather drive your kid 2 hours to touch a puck for 2 minutes or drive 20 minutes so he can touch a puck for 2 hours?
— Bill, WEst Hartford, parent