Youth Hockey Travel | Let’s Do It Better

Traditional youth hockey requires you to travel to away games anywhere from fifteen minutes up to an hour and twenty minutes away on a regular basis to play games that last only one hour. You spend more time in the car than at the rink. Your child spends more time touching a seat belt than ever touching a puck.


Practice at one of two rinks every session all year. The team is only on the ice 3x per week, but practices are longer. Practice time stays static for the entire year, so you and your family can have a life. The team only travels to tournaments which are capped at 5 per year and designed to avoid extended hotel stays. Exhibition games during the season are played at our home rink. Teams still practice BEFORE or AFTER games.





  • Travel 15 to 90 minutes for 1 hour games

  • Variable practice times during year

  • 4 ice sessions per week

  • Hang out in a car.

  • Touch a seat belt.


  • One of two rinks all year for practice

  • Same practice times

  • No road game travel

  • Only 3 ice times per week

  • Only travel to tournaments

  • Let your family have a life.

  • Touch pucks.